My Mobile Dental Hygiene Ltd was founded in 2019. The idea came to Kristy after countless conversations with friends and family, discussing the inconveniences of getting routine dental hygiene appointments, despite having group benefits or health spending accounts that would cover the cost of the exam. 

If long work days, family time, vacations, or long drives seemed to hold back many friends and family from coming to see Kristy, how many other people were experiencing the same limitations when it came to their oral care? In the fast-paced world of today, every minute counts.

As a result, My Mobile Dental Hygiene has taken the work out of getting to the clinic, and has made dental hygiene care as seamless and convenient as possible, by bringing a full-service dental hygiene clinic directly to the patient. Doing so will allow for less time off of work, more time with family, and provide you with the comfort of knowing your dental hygiene health is being taken care of.  

My Mobile Dental Hygiene looks forward to providing you the professional and comprehensive dental hygiene care that you expect, with the convenience you have hoped for.