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Welcome to My Mobile Dental Hygienist

We have taken the work out of getting to the clinic, and have made dental hygiene care as seamless and convenient as possible, by bringing a full-service dental hygiene clinic directly to you.


Tenille and I (Kristy) graduated from the University of Alberta together in 2004. After spending 4 years together day in and day out we were the best of friends and knew each other's strengths and weaknesses inside and out. Clinic hours will do that to you ;).

After graduation it was time to enter into the real world. We both got married, purchased homes, had kids and dove into our careers. We both settled in areas surrounding Calgary so we still got to connect often.

Then… COVID - I chose to stay home with my 3 children and try homeschooling and Tenille stayed in the office setting and tried to balance all that brought into life. Throughout the pandemic we had been brainstorming about other options for dental hygiene care.

So when the fourth wave was lifting we decided it was time to take all our years of experience, excitement for oral health and friendship and turn it into a team effort in a mobile Dental Hygiene setting and My Mobile Dental Hygienist officially evolved into a business.



We do all the things we typically did in the dental operatory but we do it in YOUR environment.

We can do your dental hygiene assessment, complete your scaling (cleaning), and do a polish and fluoride if you choose.

We can provide sealants for teeth that need them, we can let you know if you have a cavity and we have a fluoride treatment for early cavities we can apply as well.

We ALSO have the opportunity to whiten your teeth chairside if that’s something that interests you.

We share the radiographs/x-rays that your dentist takes so we do not need to take those. We can share our clinical findings from your appointment with your dental provider as well so when you pop in for your check up you aren’t left having to explain what we did.



We offer a portable set up. In approximately 15 mins we can fully set up all the equipment required to provide dental hygiene care.

We need access to one electrical outlet and a sink to wash our hands and fill up one water bottle.

The ideal space has hard surface floors but this isn’t mandatory. The size of space is approximately a small dental patient chair or 8’X8’. We are happy to help identify a good space in your home once we get there as we do the set up often and can easily guide you with this.



Convenience and optimal care!!

As a mom of 3 kids scheduling appointments, getting everyone where they need to be and when they need to be there is a riddle and ever changing issue. Adding dental appointments to the week was just one more hassle.

Traditional dental appointments came with stress, chaos and management of kids in multiple chairs, me in another room and trying to listen and keep them controlled and at the end I always felt a bit overwhelmed.

Mobile care allows each family member to hop in the chair, have their appointment and go on about their day. Because we aren’t as stressed for time we can shift our attention to what the appointment requires.

As life gets busier, we want to maximize our free time. Convenience in our health care appointments can be a huge benefit.

Even my own husband would often have to cancel appointments at the last minute. I worked down the street from his office but he’d often joke “can’t you just come and set up here then I can just zip in and get it done”.

It became clear to me that even though people wanted to take care of their oral health, appointments in the traditional setting can be a challenge.

So we started brainstorming and got creative and developed a business that can help to bring together our passion and experience in oral health care and ease some of the strain in everyone's busy lives.

Our belief is that other people have similar scheduling issues and can benefit from having their oral health care made more convenient.

No matter what situation you are in, mobile dental hygiene care may be a good fit for you.

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