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My Mobile Dental Hygienist Turns One!

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

It has been an incredible year! We can’t believe it.

One year in business. One year of serving you, our amazing clients.


Where did this idea come from?

Tenille and I met in University in 2001. We became fast friends and discovered a love of dental hygiene and learning. We are a great balance for each other and it became a cornerstone in our lives to lean on each other off and on through all of life's up and downs. We both began practising in dental offices - her in Airdrie and myself in Chestermere and then later Cochrane.

As busy working moms we were so happy to have the balance of working part time so we could focus on our careers and our families.

Then covid...

It shifted everyone's perspectives but we began to really think outside the box. In our 4th year at university we had done some work in hospitals and with seniors care and it got us thinking about that again.

For 20 years we have been seeing those patients that can make a dental office work for them. But... what about the ones that it didn’t work for??

With covid, more and more people were nervous to come to the office. It became apparent to us that this would be a great opportunity for a change.

With our experience, our passions and our knowledge, we dove into it. Completing numerous hours of manual writing, research and eventually deciding we wanted to develop a fully portable office that could be set up easily in a person's space so as to decrease the barriers to care as much as possible.

That’s when the learning really began!

How would we do it?

What products would we use?

How would we bill insurance?

Luckily between the two of us we conquered each new thing and passed our provincial and federal inspections and opened our fully portable mobile business Oct 12 2022.

Relying on family and friends to let us practise until we got it down to a seamless effort we have had nothing but fun and we are so fully served by building this business with our clients.

From busy families that find appointments and schedules a challenge, to corporate settings where we can save a company and employee time and money and seniors and supportive living facilities, the immense joy we receive from providing the care we have for decades in these new settings is hard to describe.

We want to thank everyone who has seen our vision, given us a try and booked their appointments with us.

It has been our pleasure to meet you, be in your spaces and provide your dental hygiene and teeth whitening care.

What a first year it has been. We can’t wait for more.

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