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Get to Know Us & Our 
Story Behind
How Senior Dental Hygiene Came to Be 

Get to Know Us

My Mobile Dental Hygiene Ltd was founded in 2019. The idea came after 25 years of working with clients in dental offices. For some clients as life goes on mobility and other health situations change and it can make what used to be an easy task of getting into the office a real struggle for themselves and their caretakers.

Seeing that issue arise and not knowing how to help them maintain their oral health we started thinking there may be a solution.

As a result, My Mobile Dental Hygiene has taken the work out of getting to the clinic, and has made dental hygiene care as seamless and convenient as possible, by bringing a full-service dental hygiene clinic directly to the patient.

We use the radiographs from the client's dental office and we refer them back to their provider for regular exams if the client is able. We go into the client's space and work around the set up is best at that time. This looks different at each appointment. ie; a wheelchair, a recliner, a hospital bed or we have a portable patient chair as well. We direct bill their dental insurance provider and we follow the Alberta Fee Guide with no additional fees for travel or set up.

Our goal is to help maintain client's oral health when their life circumstances have changed and they can not longer easily access care in the dental office. We work to become part of the oral health care team and believe oral health affects overall health.

We hope to make a lasting impact on the client's overall health by providing unique solutions for their oral health. My Mobile Dental Hygiene looks forward to providing client's the professional and comprehensive dental hygiene care that they expect, with the convenience their life now requires.


At MMDH we provide a concierge style of service direct to seniors within their care home. 

Do I qualify for seniors benefit?



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