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For the Patient

1.   Schedule appointment by booking online, calling or emailing our clinic.
2.   Book your appointment to suit your schedule.
3.   Comprehensive dental hygiene examination at your home or office.
4.   Choice of dental hygiene or dental hygiene and teeth whitening from our mobile clinic.

5.   All needed documentation will be emailed to you

For the HR representative:

1.HR Representative calls or emails to provide company information and schedule a visit time
2. We will provide all the necessary information to the HR Representative to pass along to company employees.   
3. Employees sign up online
4. We see you for your appointments

How to book an appointment:

The easiest and most efficient way to book an appointment is by calling or emailing our office.  

If looking to request an appointment, you can email us at or phone at 403-988-1691. We look forward to seeing you.

How to cancel an appointment:

We understand changes in your plans can happen. At your soonest convenience, please call our direct line 403-988-1691. We will do our best to reschedule you if there are any openings that day, or hope to see you the next time My Mobile Dental Hygienist is in your area.

Appointment confirmation:

My Mobile Dental Hygienist will send you an email confirmation or phone call depending on your preference of the time and date of your appointment. Refer to spam folder if not receiving your confirmation. 

If still not receiving emails, contact My Mobile Dental Hygienist, as there may be a firewall issue at your business. We will work with your company to resolve these problems. 


My Mobile Dental Hygiene has access to most major insurance providers.

We can provide a list of companies we direct bill, for all other companies we will provide you with complete documentation and mail in on your behalf.

Depending on how your plan is set up, there may be need to pay out of pocket and submit receipts for payment. We are happy to provide all the necessary documentation to submit to your insurance company. 

Do we see dependents or family members?

We would be happy to see the whole family! If booking as a family, please book enough appointments for everybody. If using insurance, also confirm before hand that the dependents are included in your scheduled benefits.

Checking insurance and benefits?

We recommend that you contact your insurance provider before the appointment to see what coverage your benefits provide. Most insurance plans have a dental coverage portion and maximums. Some insurance plans have this information easily available online or a quick phone call.  Once you obtain this information we can input it into our software and track for future appointments.


If unable to do so prior, we will do our best to predetermine your eligibility. 

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  1. Your insurance card and personal identification information.

  2. A form of payment: credit, debit, e transfer.

**Please inform us of any existing medical condition that you would require antibiotic coverage for dental hygiene treatment. 

What do I do if it went well and I want to refer you to friends and family?

We are always excited to see you again and/or thank you for the referral. Please contact or have your HR department/benefits coordinator schedule a visit from My Mobile Dental Hygiene. Thank you for sharing your experience and our business.

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