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Serving Calgary and surrounding areas

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Northwest Calgary dental hygiene check-up

Professional Dental Hygiene at Your Doorstep

Convenient and comfortable teeth cleaning services in Northwest Calgary and surrounding areas.


Are you looking for professional teeth cleaning services in Northwest Calgary without the hassle of visiting a dental clinic?

No more waiting rooms.
We come to you.

We follow the Alberta Fee Guide and offer direct billing with NO extra fees for travel or setup.
We accept most dental insurance plans.

Our Services

Dental Cleaning

New & Returning Patient Dental Hygiene Appointment.

Dental Cleaning + Whitening

New & Returning Patient Dental Hygiene appointment with 
teeth whitening.

Family Booking

Easier booking for families!

Book a family appointment if you have 1 or more adults and 1 or more children.

Book us for your Office

Want to offer your staff or employees the convenience of on-site dental hygiene appointments?

A unique way to show staff appreciation and also save lost production time from staff having to leave for their appointments or having to do this on their own time.  Save time and $ by bringing this convenience to them at the workplace. 

What Our Clients Say

Affordable teeth cleaning in Northwest Calgary

"Such an amazing service! Kristy and Tenille go above and beyond to make sure all of their patients are comfortable. The convenience and comfort of having your dental cleanings done at your home just cannot be beat."

Jenna D.


Northwest Calgary teeth cleaning and whitening

What are the advantages of choosing our mobile dental services?

  • Save valuable time and effort by avoiding traffic, parking, and waiting room hassles.

  • Our flexible scheduling options allow you to book appointments at your convenience, seamlessly adapting to your busy lifestyle.

  • Your family receives personalized service, flexible scheduling and because they are in the comfort of their own home, they will have less anxiety. 

  • Our team adheres to the highest standards of cleaning and sterilization, providing a safe and hygienic environment for your dental care.

 Experience the convenience, comfort and personalized care of our mobile dental services.

Schedule your appointment with us today and take a step towards a healthier, happier smile.

My Mobile Dental Hygienist

701 Fairways Green,
Airdrie, Alberta


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