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Pandemic Protocols

We wanted to let our patients know everything we are doing to keep you safe during the pandemic.  We have implemented several measures to keep you healthy and safe. 



Aerosol Reduction

As we learn more about how Covid-19 is transmitted aerosol reduction has become a key strategy in the prevention of spread.  Our research led us to find a suction tool that is not only safe and effective in aerosol reduction it is also comfortable and makes providing dental hygiene more efficient. 

No more drowning during your appointments. 

We welcomed the Nu Bird into our practice.  Please see a video below if you are interested in how it works and how it keeps you safe. 

Personal Protective Equipment

We attend your appointment wearing high level filtration masks that our provincial and federal associations have set as required clinical wear.  We will remain in masks during the entire appointment from entering your space, providing your treatment and leaving your space so you have no additional exposure from us.  We also wear all required personal protective equipment as set by our governing bodies to ensure universal protection for you and us.

We also have available, an added precaution in reducing room aerosols, a portable air filtration unit.  Please see attached link for more information on the added benefits of this machine.

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